Structural Integrity

  • Hardwood NZ framing constructed using Sustainable Southland Beech and shaped ply
  • Screwed, Glued, Dowelled and fitted with corner blocks
  • Steel sprung bases including a sprung front edge
  • Steel sprung back

Cushioning Comfort

Various styles suit various fill solutions however every person will sit different to the next so the options are available across most styles

Pocketed Spring Seating fill

Using Dunlop Elephant foam as a sandwich, steel springs are sewn into individual calico pockets and positioned inside the seat cushion to give an ‘old english’ sit of continued comfort.

Dunlop Elephant Seating fill

Excellent all round performance. Exceptionally supportive and durable


Dunlop Luxura Seating fill

Luxuriously comfortable returning to its original shape, recovering its volume after every use.


Feather Wrap Seat

Baffled feather fibre blend wrapped around Dunlop Elephant foam

Eurowrap Seat

Baffled feather fibre top pad that sits on top of Dunlop Elephant foam

Feather Fibre Blend

Baffled feather fibre blend used for both back and seat cushions