Montreux Furniture

A collection that associates itself with quality. From classic traditional to sensuous contemporary, the models have structural integrity, meticulous tailoring and genuine comfort.

What's on the Factory Floor in:


Chelsea Sofa


Frankie Sofa


Aspen Chair


We are dedicated to making the highest quality furniture available in New Zealand via a process which is in harmony with our environment.

At Montreux we have a firm focus on environmental sustainability. It is important to us that our raw materials are sourced from sustainable supplies, most importantly our timber.

All Montreux framing uses Southland Beech, a hardwood taken from 2nd cut growth, which ensures a superior quality end product with natural strength and durability. Our beech is supplied by a Southland based company which is the only NZ native timber supplier to hold the internationally recognised certification FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) for its forestry and processing operations.